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A Journey into the Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga

YinSights: A Journey into the Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga
by bernie clark

printed in canada

CreateSpace Independent Publishing

pages: 434

23.95 $ 

Language: English

Why practice yoga or Yin Yoga in particular? YinSights, a new book by Bernie Clark, has the answers. In YinSights, Clark explores the benefits of yoga, as viewed by both the Eastern and Western worlds and relates how it affects the body and mind. Although more and more students are embracing the Yin-side of yoga, Yin Yoga is still relatively unknown. Filling a void in yoga literature, YinSights serves as a practical guide for students interested in understanding Yin Yoga. YinSights is divided into two main sections. The first investigates the benefits of yoga on the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind/emotional body. Clark presents three points of view those of the yogis in India, the Daoists in China, and the medical and scientific researchers of the West. The second section explores the practice of Yin Yoga in detail, and several flows are offered each with different themes. Slower versions of the normally active or yang Sun Salutations are provided, as well as even gentler ways to stimulate the flow of prana, chi, or energy. While YinSights illustrates how to practice Yin Yoga, it is not just for those seeking knowledge about Yin Yoga in particular. The book also discusses the advantages of all styles of yoga and will be of interest to every yoga student. Bernie Clark's Yinsights is one of the best yoga resources now available, no matter what your preferred style of practice. Paul Grilley, author of Yin Yoga

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